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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 15, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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tea party triumph. an upstart takes on the republican establishment and walking away with a big upset on primary day. how will the tea affect the gop? flight to freedom as american sarah shourd leaves iran after more than a year. her thoughts remain with the two hikers still behind bars. >> they don't deserve to be in prison a minute longer. >> we'll talk with the mothers of the hikers left behind. survivor story. a connecticut doctor takes the stand and testifies against the man accused of brutally torturing and killing his wife and daughters. we'll have his heart wrenching testimony. watch out two category 4
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hurricanes igor and julia power through the atlantic. tropical storm karl threatens parts of the gulf of mexico. early this wednesday morning, parts of the gulf of mexico. early this wednesday morning, september 15th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs beautiful september morn here. sorry. >> ♪ september morn >> good morning, everyone. >> there's more fallout this morning from that jets locker room incident of over the weekend. more players speaking out saying you come in the locker room. basically you should expect to be ogled a little bit. spoken to. hmm. >> lots of debate going on. have a lot of dinner tables last night and conversation about a couple of new remedies for people with love handles. would you believe you can freeze them off? >> i will try anything.
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>> we'll talk about that this morning, as well. we begin, though, this morning with politics as the tea party express bowls over some well-known republican candidates in tuesday's primary election. the biggest surprise, the senate primary in delaware. nancy cordes is in washington with the latest. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. this is the most stunning victory yet for the tea parties and a crushing blow to the republican leader who is thought vice president's biden's former seat would be an easy pickup in the fall. not anymore. >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. no more politics as usual! >> reporter: it is perhaps the biggest upset of the political season so far. newcomer christine o'donnell defeating veteran congressman mike castle. >> i also want to thank the tea party express. >> reporter: the chair of whom the state party called o'donnell
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a liar who could not be elected dogcatcher and yet the tea party conservative defeated the well-known mike castle 53% to 47%. o'donnell was a dark horse until two weeks ago when the tea party express barrelled into town bearing $250,000. and endorsement from sarah palin followed. the republican party scrambled. fearing the tea party would upset yet another gop establishment senate candidate as it already had in utah, alaska, kentucky and nevada. a last-minute robo call recorded by the former campaign manager -- >> o'donnell wanted to make a buck. >> reporter: -- wasn't enough to the uturn the tide. former attorney general kelly ayot slightly ahead of the la man tag in a race too close to call a. newcomer did win in new york defeating former hillary
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clinton opponent and well-known gop candidate rick lazio. new york's primary for governor. >> i want everybody in the republican party who opposed me to know this. you're welcome to join the people's crusade. >> reporter: in the delaware, the moderate castle who's won in the blue state of delaware ten times was considered a shoe-in to defeat democrat chris coons come fall. o'donnell is a decided underdog. >> hold on to your hats, folks, because we are in for a fight. >> reporter: and if republicans don't win delaware, their chances of winning back the senate are almost nonexistent. democrats are seizing to argue that the republican party taken over by the right wing, that moderates need not apply. that's a rg ament they're taking into the fall, harry. >> nancy cordes in washington, thank you. joining us now to talk about the primaries and what happens in november are democrat strategist tonya acker in los
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angeles and republican strategist dan bartlett in austin, texas. good morning to you both. >> good morning, harry. >> good morning. >> dan, let's talk about this. you got delaware. you got kentucky. you got alaska, utah. one after another after another. are all of the tea party victories good for the republican party? >> well, when you have a situation like with mike castle getting beat in delaware it gives you pause because it's going to be very difficult if not impossible for republicans now to gain that seat in the united states senate. having said that, though, harry, the intensity gap that we are seeing between the two parties this election cycle is mainly being fed by the tea party movement on the republican side so net-net it's still a gain. the prospect of taking over the house of representatives would not happen without this vibrant activity within the tea party so while you have the types of anomalies like we saw last night with mike castle going down, net-net i still think this is a
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positive thing with a lot of long-term consequences for -- >> karl rove said last night it doesn't help us get the seat in the long run. from a democratic perspective, tanya, with the tea party really catching fire out there, how do you view it? >> well, i think it really presents democrats an opportunity. i mean, i think that they do have to be very careful. it is one thing to simply call a lot of candidates extremists which i happen to think they are but i think that the democratic message has to be bigger than that. the choice the country is presented with is that between one party that seems to be auditioning for a talk radio show host. you have folks like sharron angle saying taking up arms against the government and the democrats want to talk about extending unemployment benefits and regulating wall street so i think the voter haves a clear choice and i think dan is right. there is something of an
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enthusiasm gap but i think that more democrats are going to be motivated to go to the polls when you hear what some of tea party candidates are saying. i don't think most of the country wants to repeal civil rights about. >> dan, you listen to tanya. i wonder if you're making a miscalculation at your own peril at, you know, this perceived enthusiasm gap. these people are literally changing the face of a party. dan? >> well, look. i mean, it is the case of the united states senate with some of the candidate races, the candidate themselves is going to make a difference in whether there's a victory or a loss but let's not lose historical sight here and that is the first midterm election of a new president is a referendum on that white house and on that leadership. and what we're seeing right now is a rejection of how the governance of democrats over the last 18 months has taken place both in the white house and the united states congress and that's why republicans while they're going to have issues like seeing in delaware and there's going to be other candidates that are not going to represent the entire republican
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party, the bottom line is that right now things are shaping up for democrats to be a very long night for november. >> all right. tanya, very quickly. you have to confess there really is a throw the bums out mentality that's gotten some real traction. >> well, i think that that movement, that mentality, seems to be a relatively constant in washington but i think what democrats have to do is to demonstrate that they're interested in governing and not coming up with good sound bites for talk radio shows. >> well, we'll see. this is still unfolding even as we speak. tanya acker an dan bartlett, thank you. >> thanks, harry. >> thanks. >> all right. here's erica. harry, with a tonight get the latest on sarah shourd, the american hiker freed by iran after more than a year in prison. this morning, she is with her family in the middle east. but the two men arrested with her are not likely to follow her. elizabeth palmer in london this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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both president obama and secretary of state clinton have publicly thanked the government of the gulf state of oman which is -- has emerged as a really key player in securing the release of sarah shourd. in the arms of her family, safely in the omani capital, sarah shourd's thoughts immediately turned back to iran. and the two young americans she left behind in a teheran jail. >> all of my efforts starting today will go into helping procure the same freedom for my fiancee and my friend josh fattal because i can't enjoy my freedom without them. >> reporter: they were traveling companions on tour where in july 2009 they were arrested allegedly for crossing the iranian border illegally. they were all sent to jail. the last time they were seen together in public was in may when their mothers were allowed a brief visit. it was then that shourd announced she and bauer would
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marry. shourd still in oman this morning hasn't said when she'll head home to the united states where the release was bittersweet for the families of the men who remain in prison. >> just nice to see one coming home. anyways. great to see one coming home. you know? and hope that shane and josh can follow shortly. >> reporter: but yesterday, in teheran, the news wasn't good. the prosecutor said iran's courts are still preparing to try fattal and bauer for espionage. in the states, state department spokesman p.j. crowly issued a challenge to president mahmoud ahmadinejad saying bring the men with you when you come to the united nations in new york later this month. erica? >> cbs' elizabeth palmer in don london. joining us now are the mothers of the two hikers in the iranian prison.
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good to have you both back with us this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> have you been able to get any information at this point from sarah or someone that got it from sarah how your sons are doing? >> no. i'm very anxious to speak to sarah soon, to ask them how they're doing. >> which i imagine will be your first question. have you spoken with her mom at all, nora? >> no. we are anxiously awaiting that conversation. >> i'm sure. i'm sure you'll be one of the first phone calls when there's a chance to do that. does this give you any hope, though, for your sons' release? >> yes, it does. it does. we're very, very happy that sarah is with nora right now but it's our turn. it's time for josh to be with me and, of course, shane to be with cindy. so we're hopeful. we're hopeful. >> got to be -- hopeful and bittersweet, as well. have there been any signs since the beginning of the talks for sarah's release that you have to give you an indication maybe josh and shane will be home soon? >> well, we know they were three
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hikers together and there are three innocent hikers together and we're hopeful that president ahmadinejad will recognize that as he has with sarah and let her leave the country. >> cindy, what's one of the first things you think you will ask sarah? >> first i'll tell her i love her and ask her how shane is. i want to hear as much about shane as possible. you know, they have a wedding to plan so we need shane out. we need josh out. so we can move forward with life. >> what's your major concern right now for your son? >> that he's released. you know, psychologically and fiphysically physically, he needs to be out there. my greatest concern is how hard it must have been for shane and sarah to separate and they have become very close to josh, also. the separation of these three must be extremely painful for them. >> i'm sure that's a major concern for you, as well. >> yes. they're a unit. they're a very tight unit. and i was very happy to hear
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that josh and shane could say good-bye to sarah an enthat's a relief because they know that she's free and i'm sure they feel wonderful about that. but it is, again, their turn. their turn to taste freedom. >> any of these little things you are learning, allowed to say good-bye, the way things happen, are those any signs to you or is that reading -- trying to read the tea leaves a little bit too much? >> it is a humanitarian gesture. i'm grateful for that. that josh and shane could say good-bye to sarah. that's wonderful. but it is time for a release now. it is almost 14 months. we have not seen josh and shane for almost four months now. no phone calls, no letters. since we were in teheran. >> how do you keep going at this point, cindy? >> it's -- we just have to continue on. i feel stronger more now than ever to continue this and just get them released so they can all be with their families. you know?
7:14 am
i just -- it's hard to deal with shane not being here but quitting is not an option. and we are going to move forward until it's done. >> xleerly, they get strength from their mothers. good to have you both with us this morning and speaking with you soon when we hear what you have heard from your sons when they're released. thanks again. >> thank you. >> thank you. the rest of the top stories this morning. good morning. >> good morning. investigation is under way this morning into a pilot allegedly drunk who was pulled from the cockpit and arrested as he prepared to ache off. cbs news correspondent mark phillips has the latest this morning from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. this involves a flight that was scheduled to fly from amsterdam to newark, new jersey, a delta flight number 35 due to fly yesterday. apparently it had already pushed back from the terminal and preparing for takeoff when police acting on an anonymous tip boarded the plane and breath lized the flight crew and discovered the captain to be just over the legal limit of alcohol in the blood and so he
7:15 am
was pulled off the plane. the flight was canceled and he was fined about 700 euros or $900. that was it as far as the dutch police are concerned. delta airlines, the carrier, have since suspended the pilot and put the rest of the passengers from that flight on other flights. the pilot is a 52-year-old from woodruff, new jersey. been suspended by the airline as i say. jeff? >> mark phillips of london, thank you very much. this morning, the american embassy in jordan warning u.s. citizens to avoid a poort city of akaba. reggie bush giving back the heisman trophy. he was ruled ineligible because of hundreds of thousands of gifts of two marketing agents. it is the fooirs anymore 75-year history of a heisman the winner
7:16 am
gave up the award. 15 minutes past the hour right now. we turn to weather. mr. dave price is in. nice to see you. a lot going on. we'll go into the atlantic right now. good morning, jeff. good morning, everyone. atlantic ocean. karl, igor, julia. this is actually the caribbean sea. let's look at what's happening. look at this beautiful picture right now. gorgeous to look at. dangerous if you're in its path.
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>> 7:17. a lot g >> 7:17. a lot going on across our country and in the atlantic. guys? >> thanks very much, dave. still ahead this morning, a father takes a stand against a
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government scientists approved two, not one, two different very interesting ways to attack at certain area of people's anatomy that can be problematic. >> boy, you are going to sugar around for more on that one. also the debate on what really happened in the locker room with the jets and female reporter. >> i was talking about love handles. >> hmm-mmm. hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em.
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or schwarzenegger is back fr good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, governor schwarzenegger is back from asia and will visit san bruno this afternoon to get his first look at the pipeline explosion site. lieutenant governor abel maldonado will be with him. as acting governor last week, maldonado declared a state of emergency because of the explosion and fire. san francisco supervisors have given initial approval to a new alcohol tax. but the vote was 7-3. that was actually one vote short of what's needed to override the veto promised by mayor gavin newsom. the new fee would aapply to alcohol serves at bars and strengths, add an extra 5 cents to a bottle of beer. an elevated track is the best way for california's high- speed rail system to go through downtown san jose. that is what the city council
7:26 am
decided yesterday by an 8-2 vote. the decision now goes to the california high-speed rail authority. traffic and weather right after this. when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.
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save an extra 15% on all regular, sale, and clearance items. everything! no exclusions! plus if you use your jcpenney card, it's not an extra 15%, it's an extra 20% off. go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney. good morning from the traffic center. heads up if you are headed to sfo. we have first reports of an accident northbound 101 just past 380.
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we are starting to see some flight delays approaching a couple of cars involved the left lane blocked until further notice. elsewhere earlier trouble spot westbound 92 completely cleared out of lanes. south 880 though really crawling along as you head through hayward. traffic is slow and go. speaking of slow, bay bridge pretty much a parking lot backed up into the maze slow on your 580 and 880 approaches to the bridge. that's traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> thank you. our forecast for the morning, cloudy skies out there, here we are at san jose. and that definitely counts as a whole lot of clouds and maybe got some fog out there. conditions for the afternoon, sunshine, mix of sun and clouds along the coast with highs in the mid-60s. near 70 degrees around the bay. and the mid-80s inland. nice day expected for thursday. friday cooling off a bit and then saturday and sunday, cooler, cloudy and even a small chance of showers. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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a gorgeous day to be on the plaza. we have guests from, ooh, football fans out there waiting for us. welcome back to "the early show." you may remember yesterday we talked with iness science, a mexican tv reporter interviewing jets quarterback jeff sanchez in the locker room over the weekend when lots of folks report she was harassed during that episode in the locker room bringing up a heetd debate into what goes in locker rooms, who should be there, what you should wear. there is an nfl investigation at this point and we'll take a closer look at that debate and ask the questions a lot of people are as you mentioned going on around dinner tables.
7:31 am
about a day now. then shifting gears, how to get a handle on your love handles. the fda just approved -- those are serious love handles. >> more than a love handle. >> -- two new devices that get rid of fat, not require surgery. our dr. jennifer ashton will explain why the new procedures could make something like liposuction, for instance, obsolete. >> do crunches, i think. >> i think so. first dramatic and emotional testimony in a connecticut courtroom as a doctor described how his wife and two daughters were murdered. cbs news correspondent betty nguyen is at the courthouse in new haven, connecticut with this story. betty, good morning. >> the prosecution's key witness, the lone survivor of the brutal crime, took the stand yesterday and in front of a captivated courtroom, he described what happened. it's the moment the community has waited more than three years to hear. the doctor william petit took
7:32 am
the stand tuesday to testify against the man accused of killing his wife and daughters. petit told a hushed courtroom how two men force the their way into his home and tortured his wife, jennifer, and their daughters, hail yedz, 17 and mckay la, 11. a horrific ordeal describing bei being waken with a baseball bat and describing what they said. petit also told a jury how he was tied to a post in the basement. the next thing he heard it's going to be over in a couple of minutes. it was a different tone, much more sinister, he testified. i thought they were going to shoot all of us. >> he described a brutal crime, a horrific murder, basically a slaughter that took place in his house. >> prosecutors say the accused, steven hayes, along with his accomplish, still awaiting trial, broke into their home in
7:33 am
july 2007 looking for money. the home invasion turned into a brutal crime after petit's wife and one daughter were raped. dr. petit told of escaping from the killers, having to leave his family from behind hoping to get help from a neighbor. i felt my heart was going to explode out of my chest. by the time help arrived, his wife had been strangled and the house set on fimp. both of his daughters died of smoke inhalation after being tied to their beds. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >> the impact of this testimony is intense. the doctor described the slaughter and the brutal nature of the crime. that's what gets the emotions going and that's how they are going to get this defendant put to death. >> also on tuesday, a -- actually a judge excuse ad juror who claimed he was confused by the prosecution's case saying it was disorganized. on top of that, monday
7:34 am
up next, a reporter says -- she says she was harassed by the new york jets. but, is this the wrong way to dress in a locker room?
7:35 am
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the debate continues to rage this morning over charges a female reporter was sexually harassed by members of the new york jets. at the center of the argument a lot are talking about what she was wearing when it happened. her defenders say it doesn't matter. jets players and coaches were unprofessional to her, that's the issue. she told us there was nothing wrong with her outfit and proud of how she looks. in fact many pictures are online which many may deem provocative but does this enter in tuesday clinton portis added fuel to the fire with these commen comments. >> all of a sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, i think men are gonna tend to turn and look and want to say something to that woman. >> he later apologized. a league official said his comments have for place in the nfl. join us are tara sullivan, sports columnist for a new
7:39 am
jersey us in paper and -- you have covered sports in 17 years in locker rooms about every major sport including the jets' locker room. a tough place to be, women have fought hard to be in there. is it something you have to expect as a female reporter no matter how you are dressed? >> absolutely not. it's sad if we are still expecting that. that battle was fought a long time ago whether or not women have a place in the locker room. the law has decided we do. this is how the job is done. when the locker room is opened to the media, it includes men and women and that's -- >> my place of work, a big point for me when one of the players during the incident saturday yelled out to another reporter, not to miss sainz, another intimidating and con saying thatth is our locker room. that's a big issue. for the hour it is open to the media, it is my workplace, as well. >> some people have come out and said, lauren, there is a responsibilities she has, as
7:40 am
well. that may be your locker room, a shared workplace at that point but she also has to go this there knowing certain things could take place, maybe she should have dressed a certain way. is that something women have to think about going into a locker room? >> i think it is an interesting question. i personally have never been in an locker room but in newsrooms, you have to dress the part. i think when it becomes distracting, i don't want to blame her and i, you know, i'm not personally involved in the situation, but when it becomes distracting you question is she dressed appropriately? >> how much has to do, too, with american perceptions of what's appropriate some she works for a mexican tv station. we've seen plenty of pictures of her online. perhaps things are done differently on her channel. so, is it okay? >> i agree. i think there is a cultural distinction here. i think think the way these stations operate and it fell to the jets when it got a request for media credentials from this reporter from this station could have done investigation and
7:41 am
found out this is nothing new from the station, not the only reporter who maybe acts that way or dresses or chooses to dress in certain ways. i think once they gave her, though, that credential, their players are now responsible to treat her with respect. >> you mentioned you have to dress a certain way, no matter what, in terms of respect and doing your job. is there a double standard? >> yes, it is a double standard but i do think, well, looks always play but she's also -- she's in entertainment. she's not just a reporter, she's on tv. and we have to consider at that moment in the locker room, she actually -- she wasn't on camera. so, was she dressed appropriately for that situation versus sort of playing the entertainment role of her job. >> has this been overblown a bit? she sat in our studio and told us it wasn't that big of a deal, i heard it and tuned it out and others seemed more bother. >> frankly, if she wasn't as beautiful as is, i didn't think it would be that big of a deal. >> it's an issue for me.
7:42 am
i work a lock in locker rooms. the way the jets players were interacting with her i thought was appropriate making her a target of things, to me, maybe she only had to come in once every six months and it blow up and there will be attention but i'm in there every day and if there is an indication that's how jets players or across the nfl when you listen to portis's comments that indication of underlying resentment is an issue to me and the primary issue. >> could there be two issues one being, yes, they need to act better in the locker room, it is inappropriate or also do we need to dress differently? i realize she works for a mexican channel but for an american reporter who goes in there do we need a certain dress code? >> i believe there are two separate issues. i think if you want to open a discussion on appropriate workplace attire in a locker room it wouldn't just be about the women who come in here. i've seen male reporters wearing team jerseys of the team they cover and i find that
7:43 am
inappropriate. i'm perfectly open to that. i would not choose to dress that way because in the way i want to do my job i don't feel that would be appropriate but i'm also not standing in judgment of the way others choose to dress. a very difficult and fine line to draw, as you can understand and i'm sure most feel. >> thank you g. to have both of you. i have a feeling a discussion may continue tonight at dinner tables, as well. just ahead the scoop on two new ways to attack those love handles. we are lightening up a little bit. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] with its 43 safety features, like the parkview rear back-up camera... hi, sweetie. there you are. [ male announcer ] ...electronic vehicle information center, and rear cross path detection system, now available in the safety tech package, the chrysler town & country is a safe bet to make.
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7:46 am
nothing to love about love handles and for many americans, liposuction is the solution. last year, about 200,000 people went under the knife to have fat removed from their bodies. but two new fat-zapping procedures recently approved by the fda could offer perhaps a
7:47 am
less invasive and more affordable alternative. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning. >> two procedures and what do they do. >> the first is called zeltic, actually freezes the fat cells, permanently destroys them, takes about one to three hours and you see results in as little as three weeks and after a period of months and we have before and after pictures. >> all done externally? >> right no incisions or cuts on the skin or no need for anesthesia or major downtime. very subtle. you see a paunch here and less here. there's another one. >> okay. >> again a belly bump here, less here. very important to understand not for people who are obese but almost at their ideal body wait weight or may want to jump-start fine-tuning an aerial it is body sculpting. >> that's zeltic.
7:48 am
what is the other one called. >> also with a "zoo" cerona, you need multiple sessions. you can see, again, very subtle differences. another in a man, men get plastic surgery, also, a little less. this does not permanently destroy the fat cells, harry. it makes little holes in them like squishing a grape. both of these procedures will remove fat and inches from your waist do not prevent you from gaining weight in the future. >> a hypothetical now if someone like me were a potential customer for these kinds of procedures, what would my concerns be? >> you are talking about cosmetic or plastic surgery, harry, the most important thing is the patient's expectations. you want to make sure they are leelistic, any good plastic surgeon or plastic dermatologist will assess that. risks for this procedure are
7:49 am
redness or reaction to the procedure. the big advantage to these, harry, non-invasive, no incisions and actually a little cheaper -- >> you don't have to worry about infection. >> anytime you do anything to the skin there is a proengs risk of infection but much cheaper, much faster, little downtime. >> very interesting. >> you don't need it, harry. >> thanks, pal. dr. jennifer ashton, do appreciate it very much. we'll take a break and we're going to be right back. [ female announcer ] think thousands of women can't agree on skin care? challenge that with olay. in an independent study of 50,000 consumers presented by better homes and gardens, olay was voted best across facial cleansing and anti-aging categories. woman to woman - we think you'll agree. olay.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
in your wildest dreams, you imagine being surrounded by four doctors. >> who can answer all my questions. >> exactly. you want to go home, get your kids, your in-laws and get them altogether and say, all right, and we're going to do that. >> we are going to do that. >> we'll do that this morning. >> sounds good. >> you are going to give us fixes for things, five-minute fixes, right?
7:53 am
>> five minutes or less. >> i like that. >> your local news is next. he's single and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks so whiten your teeth. no coffee. [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks. hi. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile. crest 3d white toothpaste. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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7:55 am
it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. governor schwarzenegger back from his trade mission to asia. he will visit san bruno today for his first look at the pipeline explosion site. meanwhile, the obama administration is seeking tighter oversight of the nation's pipelines and stronger penalties for violations of pipeline safety rules. san jose councilmembers have voted for an elevated track as the best way for high- speed rail to go through the city's downtown. the other option is an underground tunnel, but construction of that would be more expensive and more disruptive. the decision now goes to the california high-speed rail authority. and uc-berkeley grad sarah shourd resting in oman a day after her release from a prison in iran. she was in custody for 13
7:56 am
months. her fiance and another male friend are still in custody. iran accuses the three of espionage. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us. is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promis with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and
7:57 am
no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. good morning. and to the bay bridge we go where traffic continues to be a struggle. pretty much a parking lot. metering lights are on. we have reports of a new stalled vehicle reported at the incline. you're backed up all the way into the maze. in fact, all your approaches to the bay bridge right now are pretty slow and go. take you 41 minutes to go from
7:58 am
the carquinez bridge to the maze. elsewhere, as you work your way on 880 through hayward, traffic busy in both directions and struggles continue through san jose. north 101 slow from san jose. pretty much past 880. probably to delacruz, to 85. tracy has the forecast. >> thank you, gianna. forecast for this morning, does include a fair amount of clouds out there. yeah, clouds and a whole lot of noise, too. forecast for today, expecting temperatures to top off in the mid-80s and cooler weather is expected for the weekend.
7:59 am
the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
8:00 am
seriously beautiful september morning here in new york city. right, jeff? >> yes. ♪ we dance until the night became a brand new day ♪ two lover, singing scenes from some romantic play ♪ >> save that for karaoke. next tuesday night we're on it. >> welcome back to the "early show." i'm harry smith along with erica hill and dave price and -- wherever you are -- >> this is for you. >> yes. >> a lot of doctors in the house today. >> we do. >> right? the doctors, big time, day time tv hit.
8:01 am
they are with us to show us simple, everyday things that can help you stay healthy, and it only takes minutes a day. >> and i'm told one involves chocolate. stick around. >> i'm addicted to that show. it's on here in new york. right after our show. i flip it on and learn something every day. also ahead, your ex is your ex for a reason. if you have children together, for their sake you really need to work things out. more and more evidence pointing to the fact you need those two parents in your children's lives, if you can. this morning we're going to help you with an innovative new trend called co-parenting. actually going on vacations together, with their new spouses. >> andrew and fergie, didn't they do that? i think they did. remember that? >> did they kickstart the trend? it's a royal trend. >> i don't know. first, though, let's go inside and check in with jeff glor standing by at newsdesk with a look at the headlines ♪ september morn >> love your gravelly voice.
8:02 am
that was beautiful. >> we tried. >> well done. good morning, guys and everyone. we begin with primary results as two tea party favorites beat mainstream republicans's in in delaware christine o'donnell won the republican nomination easily defeated mike castle. republican party officials said castle was their own hope in the general election. it's seen as a setback for moderate gop candidates. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. >> in new york, meanwhile, the outspoken carl paladino beat rick lazio in the republican nomination for governor. the new hampshire senate primary is still too close to call. former attorney general kelly backed by the republican party also betaert ovide lamontagne. and arrested a year ago and
8:03 am
in prison, sarah shourd was set freed. >> we're very, very happy that sarah is with nora right now, but it's our turn. >> i feel stronger more now than ever to continue this and just get them released so they can all be with their families. >> their sons josh fattal and shane bauer face charges of spying while in iran. mike neuman a champion glider pilot crashed nose first. thousands were watching with that happened. he broke three vertebrae but then krauchld out of the wreckage and is expected to make a full recovery. did you think flying coach feels cramped? it may get tighter soon. introducing the world's smallest airline seat now called skyrider. it's shaped like a saddle. it allows only 23 inches of leg
8:04 am
room as opposed to the average of 32. the maker compares it to riding a motor scooter. four minutes past the hour now. back outside. dave price, otherwise known at neil diamond joining us from the plaza. dave, good morning. >> nice to see you, jeff. good morning to you, and very lovely people out here. we have people -- these are not monks, they are actually -- they are actually wearing the comfy throw. that is -- i guess if you're going to an outdoor football game, am i right? >> put it on. very comfortable. keeps you comfortable, cozy, warm. >> do the ladies like it when you're walking through the city. >> it's hot. they definitely look at me yeah. i'll bet they do. all righta che
8:05 am
8:06 am
this weather report, sponsored by motts, burly delicio purely delicious flavor and great nutrition. a quick look at your weather picture. bundle up, folks it could be 75 degrees out today. >> whew. chilly. dave, thanks. helping your kids survive your divorce. how they can benefit from co-parenting that could make a big difference. this is "the early show" on cbs. n cbs. from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste. [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science.
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8:09 am
this morning's eye on parenting takes a look at a little something called co-parenting, a new trend. the couple divorces but it's easy for kids to get caught in the middle as we know. if the two exes work on a new
8:10 am
relationship, their children can get all the benefits. they may look like a happy family but desha and michael thomas are divorced. >> when i talk about my relationship, my friends are shocked. they think it's a crazy world. they have two children, 6 and 11. they split up but talk about something called co-parenting where exes create a cooperative relationship for the sake of their kids. >> when people d'oh parent they rise above the issues that were the reason for their divorce in order to make sure their children's needs are met. >> the goal was to make things more comfortable for their kids. >> instead of a bitter divorce, they socialize at each other's homes. along with their new spouses they vacation together. >> the kids expect when we have
8:11 am
events and things that we've invited each other. >> i think she showed you her spelling test. >> she told me about it. >> they have rejected the traditional ideas of custody and weekend visitations opting instead for their kids to spend equal times at both homes. being friends benefits both kids and parents. >> if you think of the number of interactions they are going to have with your ex spouse. if they are all fraught with tension, i can't imagine how difficult that would be. >> joining us jennifer hartstein. always good to have you with us. you look at this from the outside and say, duh, that makes sense. why is it so important. >> it's so important because it helps kids be involved with both parents, help them in a developmental way develop self-esteem, confidence. but it's difficult. >> studies show broken homes, kids are three times more likely
8:12 am
to be expelled from school, five times more likely to live in poverty or become criminals. that's incentive. what's the number one inhibitor, the ego? >> yes and no. i think it's the emotion. the fact is you were in a relationship with this person you thought you onwere going to spend the rest of your life with and something went wrong. there's anger tied up. you have to say i have to see each other and put those emotions aside. >> that's important. you have three cardinal rules for co-parenting. >> number one, you have to be respectful. it is very easy to use your kids as messengers, fight your battles through your children. you can't do that. you have to respect each one bring something to the table important to your children. >> that includes not talking bad about the other parent. >> do not talk bad about the parent. you do that and model what your kids can do.
8:13 am
you want can be consistent in both houses. that's why they have to know what's going on. the more consistent you are, the better, which leads to the idea you have to communicate. that way they are talking to each other. everybody is on the same page. >> those are rules parents who are still together could apply in so many ways, too. >> absolutely. what if, you mentioned consistency factor. parents have different ways of parenting. how do you decide who wins out? how do you make that consistent? >> that's an argument, as you said, that can happen in married families. we have to think about what's in the best interest of the kids. it goes back to talking about it. what needs to happen. how do we help our kid the best way. do they need to be home to do homework, want to take them to the ballgame. we have to work it through. it's being able to say what does our child need and how do we give it to them. >> there's always somody that thinks they have the answer. not that i would do that.
8:14 am
if one parent thinks i'm the better parent, can you make that parent do what you want? >> you have to compromise, suck up your own ego and really be able to work with the other parent to do what works. >> when you bring someone knew in the relationship, we saw the family, they vacationed with the spouses. >> not the norm but an excellent way to be. if you bring someone else in, they are now part of the family. they get to have rights and say and be involved as well. >> how interesting. that's got to be tough for the other half. >> very important. >> thanks for being cuss. for more eye, blogs, photo, essay find it at early the doctors will be here with us for five minutes. you have time for that.
8:15 am
8:16 am
in this morning's healthwatch, the doctors, you
8:17 am
see them every weekday on their emmy-award winning talk show and now they have written a book "the doctors, five minutes health fixes" telling you how small changes in lifestyle can make big differences in your health. the whole team is here this morning. e.r. physician tra vehicle stork, ob/gyn d. lisa masterson, cosmetic surgery drew or dan and pediatrician dr. jim spears. good morning to you all. >> good morning. >> never had you all here before. >> not all at one time, not in new york city the first time. our frirs promo tour together. >> as a team. >> how cool is that? who wants to answer. i made a joke during the commercial saying this is the replacements for the "physician's desk reference? ". >> not exactly, no. >> what is it, exactly. >> one thing we talk about, your health is defined by the small decisions you make every day not about being a gym rat, this is
8:18 am
about all decisions that take five minutes or less and make a huge difference in your health. >> talking about food decisions -- >> -- eating, your gut -- >> for example, we'll talk about of our favorites but when you go to make a dish, you can substitute out sour cream and use fat-free greek yogurt, you get calcium, protein, not the saturated fats. simple decision, big health payoff. >> if you do a lot of the little decisions it end up having a significance, right. >> you can lengthsen the span of your life and have a better quality life especially like stress, all dealing with stress these days, five-minute tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to decrease that. we know stress causes high blood pressure and things like that. >> applied to kids, as well? you are pediatrician. >> it sure does. one of the tips i love, family reading time, even just taking five minutes out end of the day and everybody sits down and
8:19 am
reads a little book together makes a huge difference in your stress. >> my kids and i read so much, absolutely my favorite time of the day. of course, i fell asleep. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> you did this thing for the show because it was a big season, your season is kicking off. you ate, what, junk food for an entire week? >> oh, man. >> you were like -- >> they didn't like me so much -- >> that was painful to watch. >> project unhealthy watching travis eat donuts and greasy cheeseburgers, i never thought i would see the day. >> there was a reason. the reason is -- it's hard to watch now because i was trying to do is empathize -- >> so not what you usually do, right? >> they inspired me to do it because -- >> what do you mean they "inspired". >> -- by their actions try this to walk in the day of the life of a lot of americans' shoes and it was addictive to me.
8:20 am
>> really? >> after a short period of time it taste great. >> no denying that. >> but as i went on project unhealthy, you at home can go on project healthy. >> illustrative of what you talked about before the day-to-day, minute-by-minute decisions you make and part of your thought process is i'll eat that or that. over a period of a week how much weight did you gain. >> eight pounds. >> and his blood pressure shot up. >> and his mood was in the tubes. >> really. >> in the tubes. i'm begging you, never do this again. >> that is so interesting. i'm going to go back to the book, especially focus in on the fact that you are an ob/gyn. if there are five-minute fixes for all kinds of, you know, all these different realms in medicine, what about for women and -- >> one of the things we talk about a lot on the show is sex and the reason we talk about that because it -- >> i'm sorry, you said what? >> s-e-x, sex. >> wer allowed to talk about that on our show.
8:21 am
>> a show doesn't go by we don't talk about it. >> one ren it is so important for a woman's self-image and body image. that spills over into her day-to-day life, how she reacts to her kids and family and things like that, healthy relationships we have shown also increase your life. things that help, you know, relationships, date night, taking a vacation, all these little things are very, very important and we let them go as stress and lifestyle builds up. >> what did you call it again? >> zeksz. >> okay. all right. and the cosmetic surgery realm, are there five-minute fixes also applicable? >> there are. you saw me do one right here on your set, if you remember, a few months ago. >> oh, right. i remember that. >> -- fillers, either something i can do in the office for you, fillers or botox, can take only five minutes and give you a nice improvement or other things i mentioneded in the book at home things you can do, for example diaper cream is a great
8:22 am
moisturizer, it is a great anti-aging thing to put on your face, full of zinc, vitamin a, d, c. >> who knew? >> just don't do it before a night on the town. >> did you start using it? >> when my son was little, wiping it here and -- >> wiping it there. >> you try not to get it on the other. >> and don't do it in the dark nimplsts general a lot of things good for us on the inside, avocados, mangos, make great facials. >> you have one in 30 seconds or less. >> chocolate. eating a piece of dark chocolate once a week can lower your blood pressure. >> who doesn't want to eat chocolate? >> next time. >> we appreciate you guys coming by. here's the book right here, everybody's got to go run out and buy it but you guys will be back tomorrow, right? >> yes. >> more questions. we have a bunch of questions from our viewers we'll ask you. >> all right, bring it but first, the arguments over on. >> coming up, saving big money
8:23 am
on your groceries. stick around for a lot of good advice on valuable coupons and,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
investigators say a pi good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, federal investigators say a piece of a gas pipe that exploded last week in san bruno will arrive in washington for analysis tomorrow. investigators continue to interview witnesses. they are also following up on about 90 tips that have been emailed to the agency. meantime the obama administration is seeking tighter oversight of the nation's pipelines and stronger penalties for violations of safety rules. legislation was submitted to congress today. the proposal follows several major pipeline accidents. meanwhile, governor schwarzenegger will visit san bruno today to tour the damage caused by the explosion. he will also be updated on recovery efforts. a state of emergency was declared in san mateo county last week when the natural gas line burst. traffic and weather right after this. >> you k "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer ????????ñ
8:26 am
8:27 am
and you're on the brakes northbound 101 from candlestick towards at least to the 80/101 interchange. a live look, you can see traffic is just crawling along eastbound 80 there. also reports of an accident southbound 101 at van ness and another one eastbound 80 at 101. it is on the right shoulder but again sluggish in that area. elsewhere south. 80 jammed as you head from
8:28 am
highway 4 down to stone valley. pretty slow and go. 19 miles per hour through there. highway 4 struggle as well through antioch. you're on the brakes through the whole stretch into concord and bay bridge. you're backed up into the maze. the metering lights are on. that's traffic. here's your forecast with tracy. >> hey, thanks, gianna. our forecast for today does include a fair amount of clouds at least for the first half. here's a look out toward san jose. not much sunshine down in the santa clara valley, at least for now that is. take a look at the seven-day forecast. sunshine for the coast with highs in the mid-60s. temperatures start to back off by friday. look at the weekend. cooler temperatures, more clouds and even a small chance of a shower. temperatures do rebound as well as conditions next monday and tuesday. ,,,,
8:29 am
[ female announcer ] at the jcpenney appreciation sale we're showing our appreciation with extra savings this friday and saturday. save an extra 15% on all regular, sale, and clearance items. everything! no exclusions! save an extra 15% on all brands for her. ...and all brands for him. save an extra 15% on all brands for baby. ...and everything for home. and if you use your jcpenney card, it's not an extra 15%, it's an extra 20% off. get in extra early at 9am saturday. go to to see everything on sale. who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney.
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show." feels chili. glad i wore a sweater today. i'm not complaining, i like it. >> it's not a bite. >> it's not? a bit of a anybody bell. >> it is refreshing. >> it is. >> coming up shopping with coupons we've done this segments before but susan koeppen has new insights. >> you are using them the right way? for example what's more valuable a dollar coupon or 75 cent coupon. ding, ding, ding. >> i was trained well by my mother. 75 cents. they don't double the other one.
8:31 am
take that! also ahead chris o'donnell to talk about the new season and what it's like to have five kids in l.a. >> ow. >> i'm not sure if it is possible for this half hour to get better than that after that but we have more, we have a world debut of a new mup mets character this morning. >> i love this. >> a new character, never seen before, angela on the right right there, you are going to meet him and a double feature because cat cora is here and she's here, too, throwing cookies, chicken. fozzi is here, as well. we met angelo before, a big dude. great stuff. the food will be aimed at kids and mup mets and everybody who likes to eat. >> very good. >> a swedish chef, perhaps. >> oh -- >> -- reference. >> or a dutch chef. >> i love it. >> dave price is standing by.
8:32 am
any more imitations this morning? >> -- getting ready to barbecue. >> i love it. >> i don't know jeff glor is actually singing "c is for cookie". i love it, i love it, i love it. i can't wait. let's check the weather and see what is happening across the country, shall we? we will begin with a look what's happening in sections of the central plains right now, zooming on in and take a look at the jet stream right now, cooler air separated to the north, warmer air to the south and collide around that front which is really not going anywhere too soon. gusty winds, maybe a weak tornado afternoon through overnight and slowly moves towards the ohio valley tomorrow and into the northeast as we head through the day after. but, keep in mind, it's going to be another messy day. igor, this is what most people in bermuda are worried about right now, 570 miles east of the leeward islands, wind speed 145 piles per hour, got to 155,
8:33 am
one mile short -- one mile per hour short, i should
8:34 am
>> that's a quick look at our weather picture. let's send it back to the studio. harry? >> thanks very much, dave. americans spend about 10% of their income on food. how can you get the most for that money when head to the supermarket? our correspondent susan koeppen is here with brand new super saving ideas. good morning. >> good morning. >> right. we've done enumerable segments about coupons but you have some ideas about coupons because people use them, there are different ways to use them and you say smarter ways, right? >> a very smart way to use your coupons. i have two. we have a dollar and 57-cent coupon. you would think the dollar is worth more. >> you would think. >> you woonk. but in most stores, they will double your coupon if it's valued at 99 cents or less. >> oh, okay. >> if you have a dollar coupon, the dollar stays a dollar. >> right. >> if you have a 75-cent coupon. >> right.
8:35 am
>> all of a sudden when you check out and give it to the cashier becomes $1.50. when you are going shopping, if you have a coupon for toothpaste, for example a dollar coupon and 75-cent coupon, always go with the 57 cent coupon if your store doubles. >> as i say, we have done a lot of these segments on coupons before. i don't think i remember anybody saying that before. >> i was explaining it to people yesterday who don't use coupons a lot and they were like, tell me again, what? what is going on? why is 75 cents more than a dollar? if your store doubles coupons. >> right. >> the promotion they have out. >> okay, a double day. >> if they are doubling coupons, you have to check with your store. >> okay 99 cents and under -- most of the time. >> right, in most stores. >> you also say and i like this, this is a great little saying, the moy is in the bag. >> right. if you are buying produce, it usually pays to buy the produce that is in the bag as opposed to the loose produce. >> right. >> we went shopping yesterday
8:36 am
and bought potatoes, a tirve-pound bag. 80 cents a pound as opposed to the loose potatoes we bought which turned out to be $17.29 a pound. >> a lot of people, though, want to get their hands on all the pieces and everything else like that. chances are with potatoes, it won't make such a difference. >> if you are single and only will eat one, buy the loose potato but feeding a family, it pays to buy, use the bag. >> can you put that graphic up again? that is a significant amount -- >> 80 cents for the potatoes in the bag, the five-pound bag versus $1.29. >> you would not want -- that's like -- it would be dumb not to buy the bag. >> you are throwing money away if you are buying a lot of potatoes. >> let's go to the subject of convenience. in all of the stores now, you have these huge sections with everything in -- that you can even think of, all cut up into little pieces in containers and you've got to know you are paying serious for that. >> they are making it easy for us, everything is chopped and
8:37 am
diced and pre-sliced but you can pay as much as 600% more getting something that is cut up as opposed to you buying it and cutting it yourself. >> 600%? >> we went shopping again and bought cantaloupe, taking a look at the precut cantaloupe, $3.99 a pound. >> right. >> we also bought half a cantalou cantaloupe, they cut it in half for us, $1.69 a pound but if we bought it whole it was $1.333 a pound. from 3.9 a pound to $1.33 a pound. >> that's scary, scary. obviously, you are paying for the convenience and takes, whatever, the five minutes to cut it up and scoop the stuff out and everything else. >> exactly. >> that's a big, big difference. >> that's a lot of money, 3.99 a pound is a lot of money. another question for you. sometimes you see these signs that say like ten for $10, or ten for a dollar. >> you see the sign that says ten for $10, two for $5,
8:38 am
whatever it might be. most stores, especially using your shopper club card, you don't have to buy all ten. you can buy one if a dollar. >> a dz hhh. >> but see the sign and it says ten for $10 so all of a sudden you load ten cans of carrots into your cart. you don't have to do that. are you going to eat ten cans? buy one and usually the get it for a buck. >> it says ten for ten. >> those supermarket people are very crafty and clever. >> yeah. >> they are. everything in the store is meant to be, you know, for sale, they want you to buy -- >> do you know how many people in america have shelves like pantrys filled with carrots they never ate. supermarket flyers, they come, some people use them as bibles. >> right. >> but are not exactly holy scripture, right? >> right. here's the cool thing you need to know about the supermarket flyer. the front page, everything on the front page is usually on sale at cost or below cost. >> okay.
8:39 am
>> so, it gets you into the store. but, as you flip through the flyer, not everything inside the flyer is actually on sale. >> on sale. >> you should know that companies sometimes pay the grocery store to -- >> paid advertisement. >> -- to put their ad in there because a mention in a supermarket flyer can increase sales as much as 500%. >> last but not least, product placement you walk in the store where it is has a lot to do with cost. >> on the end caps people try to get you to buy from there, may seem on sale but not always. check the freshness date. that's where they try to get rid of stuff. >> always appreciate it. a break-out hit last year, fans have waited a long time for the new season to begin, part of cbs's tuesday night lineup this fall and kicks off with a heck of a bang. >> need to know everything. >> and you won't.
8:40 am
>> zip? >> nothing for 15 hours? what do you think? >> she's holding something back. >> i think she likes him, doesn't want to admit it. >> no, something else, like she's hiding something. >> so, let's ask her. >> or not. chris o'donnell is with us this morning. wow, a bit of a bang to kick things off. >> i'm watching, i was thinking, what episode is that. you get so lost. that's when i do interviews people and ask me about episodes i'm thinking, tell me which episode you are talking about? it goes so fast. that was the first, obviously, the season premiere. but we started filming in july and are on episode finishing episode six tomorrow. we are, you know, you move through it's amazing, literally doing half a movie eight days. >> crazy schedule, too. >> but it's a blast, having a great time. >> the show is great. >> thank you. >> everybody was so excited about it last year as we just mentioned, of course, this
8:41 am
itching, give me season 2, give me season 2. do i understand there might be a little love interest? >> we'll have to see, we'll have to see. i don't know what they have in store there. >> a bit of a mysterious character there. it would add another dimension. >> it definitely would add another dimension. you know, that's part of the fun of doing a show like this, every time we read a new script there's new information you never heard before. last episode i found out i had a sister i never knew about. if you wake up and find a script were you married for years, who knows. >> as you get more and more scripts do you develop in your own mind ideas of your character and go to the writers and say, i think i would have not only a sister but half-brother? >> it is funny about great stories about actors saying i don't think my character would say that, they are like, come here, it's right here and he does say that. shane brennan, who runs our show is terrific and comes up with great ideas. i definitely have input as far as if i've got ideas that can make a scene better that, sort
8:42 am
of thing but i don't interfere too much because, you know, shane's done 600 hours of tv and really knows what he's doing. >> that's g. looking forward it to. you were recently on the cover of "redbook" with your family, big family, five kids but in l.a. sort of the odd man out, you don't see a lot of that. >> i love it between the show and the kids that's kind of like all i do right now. >> yeah, no sleep. >> no sleep. the golf came is completely gone. >> it happens. >> but i love it, something i always wanted, to have a big family and really fun ages right now, 2 to 11, keeping us bus see. my son, charlie, lost his first front tooth yesterday. >> big time. >> which was -- got texted a photo as islanded in new york. it was exciting. and just every day it is something new. school just started. that's a good thing. >> before i let you go. you are also in town here for a really special -- the trident. >> yes, i'm working with trident to help promote smiles across
8:43 am
america, bringing attention to the chronic problem of tooth decay in kids, something that i, you know, with five kids know a lot about. the chore is to get your children to get in there and brush and fellows. my kids are fort that the we get them proper dental care but so many don't. tridents is having a promotion any pack you buy five cents goes towards the campaign providing needed dental care for kids that don't have access to it. >> so important. chris o'donnell, such a treat to have you with us. >> glad to be here. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> the two-hour season premiere of "ncis: los angeles" airs: harry? moms and dads sometimes need help in the kitchen so why not get the kids involved? cat cora is teaming with the mup
8:44 am
mets in two new video series, muppets kitchen and hasty is stasty >> aghhhhh. [ laughter ] >> yes. yes, we are here. we are here to cook and to tell jokes. >> that's right. >> take care of the cook but sometimes take care of the jokes. >> sometimes, yes. >> the whole gang is here to show us one of their favorite burger recipes. so, in case anyone is concerned we have fozi bear and cat cora and who is this? >> this is a new muppet, new muppet, this is angelo. >> my name is angelo. >> this is fis first, a little herve vows and shy as you can tell. >> i can see. >> but his first national television appearance. >> that's right. at first they freak me in but after that it's good. >> it's good. >> i hope you are running subtitles for this?
8:45 am
>> we need subtitles for angelo but we have great muppets kitchen episodes we filmed. it is about bringing the family together as a whole having fun and making healthy and nutritious meals because moms and dads are busy. you know how that, is right. >> nobody cares more than mup mets. >> harry, how do you make an egg laugh? tell it a funny yolk! >> that's undeniably funny. >> what i have to put up with all the time. >> can i ask one other serious question. what is your culinary background? >> my culinary -- i tell you right now, during the day, the swedish chef, he teach me mpg i know. >> oh, of course. >> so, i go to night school. >> angelo, angelo, i'm supposed to tell the jokes, okay. >> sorry. right. all right. >> what would we be making if we were part of one of these
8:46 am
webisodes? >> today we are making greek burgers, fantastic greek burgers, egg, kalamara olive, cheese, scallion, oregano, you can use lamb, ground turkey. >> cat, this has lamb in it? >> this does. >> i have this on my floors! ahhh. get it? lamb laminate, lamb national floors? >> moving right along. as i was saying. >> were you up all night thinking about that? i mean, really, is that really -- >> two weeks twoinchts weeks. only two weeks to come up with that one. >> what is that here. >> these are the little lamb sliders we have tiny burgers called sliders in the business, you know. we have really good potato buns, a little slider bun with the cheese top, what we are putting on it, angelo is making his famous i don't gutter, garlic,
8:47 am
olive oil in there, salt. >> who knew he had culture? ahhh. >> ba-da-bim-bom. >> i just came up with that, harry. >> off the top of your hair. >> fur, fur. he doesn't like hair. if you are making sliders, besides lamb what would you put inside. >> all these inagreedients the greek inagreedients, olives, feta, ler bes and top it with great i don't gutter angelo made, whipped right up. >> -- putting like she said the garlic and salt and little olive oil is all stood up. >> all stood up, uh-huh. >> angelo, you sound like a real chef. >> i am a real chef. >> okay. >> these little sliders on the bun and then fozi, you want to put i don't gutter on there and build some of these. >> i would love to, but i'm allergic. >> you're allergic? >> yeah. >> harry, you'll have it over
8:48 am
here. >> he's lactose intolerant. he don't like licking toast. >> i don't like licking toes, nobody's, especially mine, i can't even reach mine. >> why is there a banana here. >> that's my new phone. you've heard of the apple phone this? this is the new banana phone. hello, hello? i think it's for you. >> does it come with apps, can you get apps on the banana phone. >> bananas. >> bananas? okay all right. >> harry not selling as good as the apple because it's not as a-peeling. >> ahhh. >> angelo, i told you, we talked about this before. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, don't get excited. >> i do the -- >> all right. you made all this stuff. >> i am mixing this up and i just keep cooking, my whole specialty. >> the muppets like a big family. >> right. >> of course, my family's got
8:49 am
more hair. >> very cute. >> definitely, on the chest, on the elbows, on the knuckles, yes, everywhere. >> what people may in the, i would ask this question first. >> yes? >> is this a greater challenge or how different is this? i mean, you've done "iron chef" and won it. working with these guys, which is harder? >> um, wow, that's a good one. >> i cannot wait to hear this. >> yeah? >> they're all ears, i can see. these guys, let me tell you something, definitely harder with "iron chef" because these guys make me laugh. this is fun that's what this mup mets kitchen is all about right, about doing wepisodes go online and get my great recipes some of angelo's and fozi's tips all come together, we cook in the kitchen and they get entertainment, recipes, nutritious cooking, what's better than that. >> and all the muppets live
8:50 am
happy ever after. >> exactly. >> thank you very much for this recipe and more on the muppets kitchen with cat cora, go to our w website. we'll be right back. you are watching "the early sho show". ,,,,,,,,
8:51 am
8:52 am
i want to apologize, honestly all my years watching the muppets, fozzi, you were my fav. >> here. here, this is for you. this is for you. >> angelo is -- >> i'm going to grow on. >> drew: i saw the gold chain. >> you like it? this is my bling. >> you make chicken? >> chicken, chicken, you want
8:53 am
chicken? >> we can make chin ken. here. here. here. here. throw the chicken in here. ,,,,,
8:54 am
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headlines... a new tax on a it is 8:55, good morning, everyone, a new tax on alcohol, one step closer to being passed in san francisco, supervisors gay initial approval but the vote was 7-3, that's one vote short. the tax would apply to alcohol served at bars and restaurants. the san jose county has voted in favor for an elevated track. leaders say that is the best way for the train to godown despite concerns that it would be noisy and unattractive. sarah shourd is now resting. shourd was in jail for 13 months, her fiance and another
8:56 am
male friend are still in custody. take a look at traffic and weather coming up. [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days.
8:57 am
but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. good morning, traffic hot spot now on 92 westbound, we're getting reports of an accident stuck in the left lane. look at the yellow and red
8:58 am
traffic pretty slow and go also affecting 101 in both directions. get a good look at the bridge where traffic is starting to build on the right hand side of your screen. southbound 880 has been a struggle all morning. you're seeing some delays. and the bay bridge is still backed up into the mays. that's traffic. let's check weather. >> thanks. plenty of clouds out there, we also still have delays, our forecast for today, todays highs out to tuesday. temperatures along the coastline, mid-60s with sunshine. up to the mid-80s inland. thursday and friday things don't change too much. but take a look at that weekend. that is a chance of showers, a small chance, cloudy conditions and cooler temperatures expected for the weekend.
8:59 am
,,,, as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.


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